Transdisciplinarity - increasing scientific and artistic creativity
22-27 Oct 2018 Paris (France)


Interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity are high priorities of the CNRS and science in general. The GDR ESARS is a groupement de recherche supported by the CNRS, particularly by the CNRS institute of biological sciences. The GDR ESARS has been founded and directed by Zoï Kapoula, research director at the CNRS. The GDR Brings together researchers and artists that wish to expand the boundaries of their disciplines by undertaking studies on Art and Aesthetics (see Many national and international conferences have been organized since 2014; the latest being the Rencontres Art & Sciences in 2016 that brought together artists and researchers from various fields cognitive and neuro sciences, evolutionary biology, music, mathematics and philosophy - all sharing an interest for questions relative to aesthetics, the perception and neurophysiological impact of artworks and the neural bases of creativity. Artists and researchers will present their works during conferences, exhibitions and music concerts. Many collective books have been published by the CNRS editions and by Springer.

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